Custom Guitar Neck Plate Gold Relic Fits Fender Tele Or Strat

Custom Guitar Neck Plate GOLD RELIC fits Fender tele or strat

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Custom Shop Designed (CSD) GOLD RELIC guitar neck plate

B Stock - some scratches - nothing major

Stock photo shown but you will receive a similar item


Standard hole spacing and measurements. Plate measure 2”x2.5"

Fits many styles of guitars (American made, Mexican made, Asian made, etc.)

Measures 2mm thick - much thicker and stronger than a standard guitar neck plate.

Want a custom serial number for $5?
Please add a custom stamping, the first item on the first page, to your cart 

The only letters I can do are C, L, N, R, V, and Z (These are used by Fender) also a dash -

As far as numbers go, I can stamp three of each 1-9, and up to four 0s

I can do a total of 1- 8 characters in a line on the plate.
Please message me the number you want after purchase